An exceptional objectively proven quality

El Sequero's complete respect for traditional production methods and its unwavering commitment to produce a 100% artisanal smoked-paprika, is totally compatible with the implementation of the most modern systems of objective certification and control of the quality of the product.

The results of the analysis performed by the Public Admnistration's authorized laboratories for food control, guarantees not only the quality of our product, but provides assurance that it's free of pesticides, fungicides, and other chemical substances.

The smoked-paprika El Sequero reaches 208 degrees in the ASTA index for the packaged product. A much higher level than the 120 degrees the American Spice Trade Association considers the minimum for a paprika of extraordinary quality. The American Spice Trade Association has established an internationally used scientific method to test the quality of paprika based on the colour of the sample.